Soupface The Soupsite - Simen de Lange's web site Soupface

I know it's not pretty. I'm a backend developer

Random crap made by me:

333 regler for god tone, digitalization of a book from 1899
Demo of the Humble Indie Font Bundle
Documentation for some of my projects
Etch-a-sketch (best on a mobile device)
JavaScript modules
List of board games I own
Mandelbrot generator
Microsuck Windblows
Modes of electronic devices
Munchkin Level Counter
My GitHub user
My NPM packages
My StackExchange user
Online interpreter for the ><> (Fish) programming language
Pig latinifyer
Random walk
Suppen's list of awesome games
TediCross, a bot bridging a chat in Telegram with one in Discord
Weapons of Math Instructions, my bachelor project
WebGL testing area

More stuff pops up every now and then

A real beauty