About Me - Simen de Lange

I'm a 26 year old male from Bergen, Norway. Known as Suppen throughout the Internet. Living in Bergen with my girlfriend and my cat. I have a bachelor degree in System- and Application Development from Høgskolen i Bergen, Bergen University College (HIB). My bachelor project was Weapons of Math Instructions.

Currently employed at Havforskningsinstituttet i Bergen, the norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR), where I work as a developer, mostly web-related.

Full time Linux user, living in the terminal, unable to understand how anyone are able to use, and much less like, Windows. Usually programming something in my spare time, unless some game has caught my attention. Most of the stuff I make get posted on suppen.no or on GitHub.

Programming history

I have been programming since I was about 13, when I started doing some minor scripting for games. At 14-15, I made quite advanced maps for Warcraft 3, which required some graphical programming, dragging functions together. At 15-16, I started learning PHP, HTML, CSS and JS, and at 16-17, I started toying with C++ and Java.

Took the System- and Application Development path at HIB. Was planning to become a C++/Java/something-programmer. Got a job at IMR, where I was put to do web stuff, and fell in love with web development, mostly because it is super easy to share. Just send a link, and everyone can see it! No need for others to download and install something every time I change something.

At work I mostly program Javascript and other web related stuff. I have made, among other things, a web application for logging when people use boats for field work (Repo on GitHub), an inventory management system, a fish measuring system, and a Tomcat-based API abstracting other APIs of our administrative systems, so they can be changed without having to rewrite everything else.

I also maintain and further develop other systems, like our system for registering all computer equipment, and a system for planning cruises with our research ships. I have also made a windows-only driver for a fish measuring board cross-platform, mostly so we could use it with a Raspberry Pi.

Programming preferences

The language I'm currently most proficient at is JavaScript. With HTML5 and nodejs, it got ridiculously powerful. New JS-libraries pop up all the time, and are rapidly changing the way the whole web is working. All server-side code on this web server is handled by nodejs. Meteor is my favorite framework, and the MEAN stack is interesting. With Sass, Cordova, Webpack, and everything else installable within a few seconds through npm, the JavaScript world is quite nice

Although PHP was the first "real" language I learned, it is now the language I hate most. Alex Munroe (Eevee) has a very good blog post about what is wrong with PHP. With all it's global, terribly named functions, inconcistencies, bad performance, non-existent typing, confusing syntax, ... the list just goes on, this language should be thrown into a hole and never be mentioned again. It is an abomination, and its creators should be executed for crimes against humanity. The only thing I hate more than PHP (which I have tried), is sharepoint developing.

I consider myself a backend developer, happily working deep in the code, not caring about presentation. When needed, a crude GUI is hacked together with HTML, CSS and JS to make it possible to use for others. I CAN do front-end development and design, but prefer not to (as you might see on this site).

Programming happens with the text editor Vim, usually through an SSH connection to my headless server. Java is best done with Eclipse. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to use Visual Studio, or develop anything in/for a Windows environment, although cross platform is fine